Time Diagnostics
Time is Money.
Time Diagnostics offer a scientifically-led breakthrough to the biggest business problem of our time -  Time Starvation.

Time is at the centre of everything we do – and is the source of many of the performance challenges that business people must face.
Time Intelligence positively changes how we perceive and relate to time, and to each other. Understanding our time perspectives, and those of others, is central to avoiding performance and delivery conflicts.

Our revolutionary learning and development programme can reduce pressing under-performance realities in the workplace, such as:
Ineffective Teams
Resistance to Change
Low Productivity
Work/Life Conflicts
Poor Interaction and Communication
Stress and Burn Out
Sickness and Absenteeism
Persistent Staff Retention and Recruitment Failures

We tailor our performance based programme and integrate it with your corporate strategy. Access and utilise proven pragmatic methods that will update and upgrade your business thinking and meet the time-conflict demands of our age.

Prepare people for their working challenges now, and in the future. Up-grade to Time Intelligence if team development, work/life balance, stress management, time management, and well-being programmes already form any part of your corporate learning and development strategy.
The TIR report gave me new insight and told me where and how to take action.    
  Mike Priestley - Sales Coach
Our unique Time Intelligence Report (TIR) is a psychological profiling tool that helps teams make better use of their time. We use cutting edge research to  provide a vital 21st Century solution  -  Time Intelligence.
My TIR report and the whole process was really helpful.    
  Emily Jones - Project Manager, NGO
“ The TIR report is exceptionally good, and very accurate about my time use, and
  the frustrations that this causes”    
  Tim Mutton – Managing Director, TPM Marketing.
The TIR report I got is straight forward and pulls no punches. It is enlightening
 about how others view me and positively provides an action plan on how to change.”    
  Jacqueline Veater - Regeneration Service Manager, Local Government
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