Time Diagnostics
Time to Change.
Time Diagnostics offer you an essential upgrade in people development - Time Intelligence:
a paradigm shift in the perception of, thinking about, and relating to time. A 21st century method of delivering learning, through real-time, real life experience at work.

Time Intelligence is much more than a replacement for time management. It inextricably binds together motivation with team and individual effectiveness.

Reduce problems like low morale and absenteeism, and equip teams to thrive in today’s world where there is never enough time, directly impacting on profitability & productivity.

Time Intelligence meets people’s real world experience, solving specific, real-life problems in the workplace.

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Even in a head to head comparison, Time Intelligence delivers a great investment return. Compare Time Diagnostics learning and development offer with out-dated time management training:-

Time Diagnostics                                 Time Management

Individually Profiled                                One Size Fits None                  

Lived Time Experience                          Time & Motion Model          

Organisation Based                                Individual Based      

Treats Root Causes                               Treats Symptoms      

Changes Psychology                             Imposes Behaviour Change          
Measurable ROI                                     Questionable ROI        

Modular Workshops                               One Off Training                
with Follow Up Coaching    

Person Focused Effectiveness              Efficiency Focused Theory

Real-life interactive Learning                 Taught Learning
Defined Deliverables                             Compromised Deliverables

The key benefits and rewards:

   A measurable return on your investment
   Specific work/home conflicts resolved
   Role clarity and a more effective workforce
   Continued self development beyond the programme
   Teams genuinely aligned with corporate strategy

Time Diagnostics is the only company to offer and deliver Time Intelligence learning and coaching to increase effectiveness, performance and time use satisfaction.