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Sample Time Intelligence Report.pdf
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Add value to your current and future coaching practice by incorporating the time   intelligence package. Many of your clients are experiencing time pressures, and will be dissatisfied with their time use.

Use the Time Intelligence Report (TIR) and our training package to present clients with unique resources to solve their problems with time.

In addition, your own unconcious time biases will be affecting your interaction with clients – awareness of these blindspots will make your coaching richer and more relevant to you and your clients.
Here’s our commitment:

You complete the Time Intelligence Report yourself. We provide a detailed profile, highlighting strengths and weaknesses and recommending actions to take to increase your Time Intelligence.


The Time Intelligence coach practitioner training workshop.
Two day workshop with five x 90 minute learning modules (see Workshops) give you the knowledge, skills and support required to coach your clients in Time Intelligence. We provide follow up ‘coaching the coach’ by phone. We also offer email Time Intelligence coaching and supervision support, from module 2 onwards.

Continuous support available.  
No quibble money-back guarantee
If you are not satisfied for any reason, we provide a full refund.

Here’s your commitment:

Coach Partner workshop fee: £1,200 per participant (max 12)
Full advance payment is required
Access to the TIR questionnaire for your clients: £20 per client.

Stakeholder time during the Diagnosis process – 2 hours
Participant time –
Two day workshop.
Up to 45 minutes to complete the TIR questionnaire.
Up to 3 hours ad-hoc ‘coaching the coach’ by phone
Up to 3 hours of individual coach email support.
Debrief time – 1 1/2 hours

Ongoing Learning & Development
Participate in our ongoing research programmes
Give us feedback
Allow us to film/record parts of the programme in action (by prior arrangement)
Participate in press and publicity opportunities (by prior arrangement)
Help us to continuously improve and develop our service 
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