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Home - Time is Money - Time Diagnostics offer a scientifically-led breakthrough to the biggest business problem of our time -  Time Starvation.
Offer - Time to Change - Time Diagnostics offer you an essential upgrade in people development - Time Intelligence
Approach - Move with the Times - Our approach focuses on facilitation and learning that identifies and solves the conflicts people have in relating to time issues in the workplace.
Solutions - Time Intelligence - The Time Diagnostics solution changes the way learning and development is delivered at work, in order to meet the needs of today’s businesses.  
Workshops - Time Sensitive Learning - 5 x 90 min workshops - Time Bias - Motivation - Planning - Execution - Evaluation
Research - Time is Psychological - Dr Ilona Boniwell - Univsersity of East of London and Dr Evgeny Osin - State University school of Economics Moscow, Time Diagnostics Advisors
Us - Alan Bec, Director - Tony Murphy, Director
Contact - Sales - Partner - Media & Press - Work - Help - The Time Diagnostics modular training programme is a paradigm shift in performance management, you can’t afford to stay stuck in the past.
Partner - Be a coach Partner - Add essential value to your coaching programme - Download our FREE pdf - EMCC UK 2nd Annual Conference 2008 paper.
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