Time Diagnostics
Life-Time of Experience.
Tony Murphy is in charge of the customer-facing side of Time Diagnostics, from Sales and Client Management, through to Programme Delivery.

“Time Intelligence is for every organisation that wants to stay ahead of the competition and have a satisfied, high performance workforce”.

graduated in English, his career began as an Expediter, making sure suppliers delivered to time and budget for the American and Japanese oil industry.  

With this grounding in international trade, He moved to BT, where he set up a new business unit exporting communications equipment worldwide. This led to a move into BT’s central commercial contracts group. supporting Satellite, Broadcasting and Aeronautical activities. His most challenging role was to drive change in a group of international telecoms operators, developing policy and strategy for maintaining submarine cables in the Atlantic.

In 2003, he moved into the mobile side of telecoms, and was instrumental in establishing T- Mobile’s Hotspot network in the UK, negotiating with business and technology partners (such as Starbucks and Virgin Trains) bringing the T-Mobile brand to a completely new, business growth area.  
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