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Our Offer : It’s Time to Change

Time Intelligence

Time Diagnostics is an upgrade to time management – Time Intelligence: a radical shift in thinking about, and relating to time. A 21st century method of delivering productivity, using real life experience at work.

We dive into the world of work and solve specific, real-life problems.

Time can’t be managed or organised, because time isn’t physical, it’s psychological.
Problems such as low morale, stress, absenteeism and lack of engagement arise because “doing more with less” is the new normal – and people can’t cope. What would it be like if they could ruthlessly prioritise? How would it be if you could work uninterrupted for just an hour? We’ll show you how.

Time Intelligence and Time Management

Time Intelligence delivers a great return on you training investment. Compare Time Diagnostics learning and development offer with out-dated time management training.

Time Intelligence

  • Individually Profiled
  • Personalised Interventions
  • Organisation Based
  • Treats Root Causes
  • Changes Psychology
  • Measurable ROI
  • Evidence-based science
  • Personal Effectiveness

Time Management

  • One Size Fits None
  • Time & Motion Model
  • Individual Based
  • Treats Symptoms
  • Imposes Behaviour Change
  • Questionable ROI
  • Pseudo-Science
  • Robotic Efficiency

The key benefits and rewards of Time Intelligence

The key benefits and rewards of Time Intelligence are:

  • A measurable return on your investment
  • Specific work/home time conflicts resolved
  • Role clarity and a more effective workforce
  • Continued self development beyond the programme
  • Teams genuinely aligned with corporate goals and strategy
Time Diagnostics is the only company to offer and deliver Time Intelligence learning and coaching to increase effectiveness, performance and time use satisfaction.