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Time Diagnostics Ltd; Privacy Policy.

By using this site you consent that we may collect, keep and process the following data about you in accordance with the UK’s Data Protection Act of 1998:

Information that you automatically provide by visiting this website:
Requested URL (Uniform Resource Locator); IP (Internet Protocol) address (this may or may not identify a specific computer); Domain name from which you access the internet Referring UR; Software (browser/operating system) used to access the page; Date and time pages were visited. This includes information provided at registration or at the time of downloading, posting material or requesting any services.

As part of our learning and development programme:
You may be issued with a password and login credentials to complete our TDI questionnaire for either voluntary research or paid for profiling purposes.
In the case of voluntary research, all of your details are held anonymously. In the case of paid for profiling, we will use the data as part of our learning and development programme, and you consent to this use by participating in such a programme. In both cases we may pass data to our academic research partners to further their research. This will always be anonymous and will not identify individual users. We will never otherwise pass or sell your data to third parties for commercial gain.

We may use and analyse the information you provide so that we can manage and improve the services on the website. Any disclosure of the statistical data and aggregate information will not identify individual users. We will keep you informed on this page about any changes to our website Privacy Policy.
We recommend that you check the Privacy Policy each time you visit this site.

Time Diagnostics Ltd may also use services such as those supplied by Google and Webstat on this website to measure and analyse visitor information.
For further information on these, please visit Webstat’s website and Google’s website. Demographic and statistical information about user behaviour may be collected and used to analyse the popularity and effectiveness of the website. Any disclosure of this information will be in aggregate form and will not identify individual users.

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We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and will comply with all applicable UK Data Protection legislation currently in force.
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