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The Time Diagnostics Approach

Our approach focuses on facilitation and learning that identifies and solves the conflicts people have in relating to time issues in the workplace. We have come up with a clear and pragmatic learning programme, designed to effectively meet organisational and employee needs.
The programme is based on the latest research and discoveries from Psychology, Neuroscience and Education. Combining this with our extensive experience in corporate organisations, we have a powerful approach that both supports and challenges.

Key Features

  • Clear, strategic goals that track, measure and evaluate ROI right from the start, protecting your investment.
  • Easy to complete TIR questionnaire, that scores each individual across five critical Time Intelligence factors:
    • Time Perspective
    • Motivation
    • Planning
    • Execution
    • Evaluation
  • Written reports to analyse current habits around time use.
  • Five modular 90-minute workshops that do not interrupt workflow.
  • Solving real-world time conflicts and problems that embed Time Intelligence into work/life.
  • Telephone coaching to track progress and achievement at work and at home.
  • Measurements to demonstrate long-term value and quantify benefits