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The Time Diagnostics programme is based on the latest research and discoveries from Psychology, Neuroscience and Education.
The company works with two consultants, both experts in the field of Positive Psychology : Dr Ilona Boniwell and Dr Evgeny Osin.
Dr Ilona Boniwell, an internationally renowned British academic, is our research advisor, and learning and development consultant.

Ilona is Europe’s leading expert in Time Use and its relationship to well-being. She is the programme leader for the first Masters and Postgraduate Degrees in Applied Positive Psychology in Europe.

“The business world urgently needs to change its thinking about time, because there will never be enough. The outdated concept of time management is no longer fit for purpose. Time Diagnostics has the in-depth capability to deliver this change.”

Ilona is a national and international Key Note speaker, is the author of Positive Psychology in a Nutshell (2006, PWBC) and writes articles for The Guardian and The Times newspapers, scientific journals as well as consulting and regularly appearing in national and international TV and radio. Recently, Ilona was a consultant for and appeared in the BBC2 series The Happiness Formula.

Apart from her prolific academic work and international reputation, Ilona has applied her positive psychology practices in the field, by implementing personal development and well-being programmes in education and the business world. Ilona has conducted research into perceived time use, and the relationship between time use and well-being. She is also involved in validating and further developing existing time perspective inventories.

Ilona brings a unique combination of expertise, both in research into the psychology of time, and delivering learning programmes centred on well-being to Time Diagnostics.

Dr Evgeny Osin of the State University – Higher School of Economics – Moscow is our TIR on-line development research advisor and consultant.

Evgeny is an expert in scale development, cross- cultural psychological measurement, and online data collection. He is currently involved in a major project investigating time perspective across 23 countries.

“Time Diagnostics offers the business world an accessible, scientifically based solution to time and performance management. This is a powerful tool for organisations to develop high performing, satisfied teams.”

Evgeny has had over 20 papers published in Russian and international sources, including the Journal of Positive Psychology, and has recently co-authored a book called “The assessment of optimistic explanatory style” (Smysl, 2009). He also contributes to the Russian edition of “Psychologies” magazine. He has developed and cross-culturally adapted a number of questionnaires measuring well-being, time perspective, optimism, hope and other individual psychological traits.

Evgeny’s expertise has been instrumental in developing the TIR for the business world, where time is a crucial economic factor. His invaluable contribution means that the TIR is both reliable and valid, providing a precise assessment of a wide range of individual attitudes and personality traits proven to be linked to time.

Evgeny brings stringent data quality control to Time Diagnostics so that each part of the TIR conforms to world-wide standards of psychological measurement